Review: DivaGlam Cosmetics

New Day Beauty by Katie Regan

Recently, I met a beautiful diva on Facebook, named Mechelle Rabot.  I was pleased to find out that we share at least a couple of common passions:  cosmetics and Jesus! 😀  In 2004, Mechelle founded DivaGlam Cosmetics.  As Mechelle’s facebook page says,

“DivaGlam Cosmetics was created to make women feel and look good. It is an outward expression of an inward transformation, one which I see everytime I help a woman to acheive her look.”

Mechelle sent me a few items to test out and I’m happy to say that this stuff rocks.  Not only is the quality exceptional, but she absolutely nailed every color she sent me.  I couldn’t be happier, if I had been the one personally choosing the items! Wow!  Plus, they came beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper with a hand-written welcome card from Mechelle. 🙂

1)  The first item is a full size, loose…

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