Attiude Check

As I have grown and experienced some things the more I have come to realize that not every little thing in my life deserves my attention. What I use to fret over at 20 no longer deserves my energy and or time.  I have travelled the world. ETHOPIAEGYPTJORDON England England I was also given the… Continue reading Attiude Check


Spilling the Tea

Dear Mechelle This is your permission slip. I give you permission to let your children live their own lives. You hav permission to take care of yourself. I give you permission to enjoy travel, you are free to go anywhere in the world knowing you have a covering that protects. I give you permission to… Continue reading Spilling the Tea



Ok so here is the deal, since entering my 40's and well into my 50's and beyond, I have become aware of the struggle to maintain a weight that is condusive to my mental well being (lol). My struggle was and still is very real. The weight is very noticeable and has at times caused… Continue reading Why WEIGHT